Garret McGrogan

Ex-soldier in the Earth's army


Garret is an ex-soldier of the late disbanded army of planet Earth, after ECOB decided there was no interest in keeping it anymore. But he never left Earth before joining this new army, so he is very old school and old-fashioned. He has a total aversion about technology and he doesn’t really know how to use it anyway (hindrance All Thumbs) and thinks that nothing is better than the good old methods to accomplish his mission. He trained a lot in martial arts, to kill silently an enemy, and use weapons ruled by physics, not science.

He has always been a model in his career. Understand in this way that he will do and execute any order given by a superior, whatever he thinks, whatever is the situation, whatever stupid is the order itself ! Because he spent all his life serving and obeying, he doesn’t have a capacity to think and act for himself. Garret has a special code of honor (hindrance) and will always be honest, keep his word, and would never accept to leave a man behind (loyal hindrance)… except if someone else with a higher grade gives him the order not to.

Garret is a middle aged man around 35, always wearing a pair of rangers, wearing some camouflage military clothes and a red beret, in the old school commando style from the 20th century. On his uniform, you can as well still see his old coat of arms of his previous special commando unit, with two guns crossing at a skull wearing a red beret.

He is 1m75 tall, with dark hair and brown eyes. All his body is muscular and well maintained, result of his daily training to keep fit and ready to fulfill any mission. But he is covered with a lot of scars as well…

His last name could make you think that his origins are probably from what we used to call in Earth Scotland or Ireland. But that doesn’t really matter nowadays…


Garret McGrogan

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